Advanced Healing Sessions

Did you know that our bodies store the traumas, limitations & stuck points that are preventing you from moving forward with ease?

What we experience as the "physical" pains + symptoms, roadblocks, relationship challenges and even financial difficulties are ACTUALLY the result of an unhealed story, pattern or core wound that is blocking you from the experiences, ease and joy you are craving.

Stories can take many shapes:

- Internal narratives such as: "I'm not not good enough" or "I'm never the chosen one"

-Inner child wounds (feeling silenced, unacknowledged for who you truly are, always chosen last, expected to please others)

-Family dynamics paradigms and

-Ancestral & intergenerational trauma

-Loss, separation & betrayal

-Even traumatic experiences where you lose a part of who you are

Here's how to know if it's time for a session:

You feel like you are playing out the same cycles with different people.

You feel like no matter what you do, you feel blocked, stuck and like you can never get ahead

You feel like something is wrong with you b/c all you've ever known is that same experience telling you what CAN'T have

You are unsatisfied with your current life but unsure how to change that

You are having trouble setting boundaries and feel drained, under-appreciated and overwhelmed in your relationships

You are having difficulty accessing your intuition and want spiritual guidance

The good news: With the right tools it is entirely changeable! These blocks can be cleared out once and for all, leaving you feeling confident, in-tune with your spiritual guidance, fulfilled, stress free, inspired and in control of your life.

You can look forward to a number of modalities during our session:

  • Emotional Release
  • Spiritual Mediumship
  • Access Consciousness (BARS and Belief re-patterning)
  • Quantum Healing
  • Akashic Records (your soul's book of records of all past life and present experiences)

Advanced Healing Sessions with Melissa will help you heal of your painpoints and struggles in order for you to step into your idea life and highest potential.

To book an advanced healing session click here:

Human Design Readings

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. It blends astrology, numerology, the i'ching, the kaballah, and the chakra system to map out your life path, life purpose and unique genius.

This incredible tool for self discovery will teach you who you were always meant to be, without the conditioning or traumas of today's life.

It will show you the gifts that you are here to share, help you to manifest EASIER and FASTER and help you to align with the right career path that fills your cup and brings you joy.

Understanding your Human Design is like having an instruction manual for life.

 Your unique chart will:

  • Understand your strengths & gifts
  • Learn your life purpose
  • Discover the Truth of Who You Are & Why you are here
  • Master your unique money-making strategy
  • Create relationships that are supportive, joyful & good for you
  • Find the best way for you to stay healthy & physically vibrant
  • Get yourself "unstuck" & create what you want in your life


As Seen On

“Knowing my Human Design has made such a difference in my life. I can’t tell you how powerful this information is. When I got my first Human Design Reading I was flooded with relief. I very quickly learned how change everything that I thought was wrong or broken about me. This knowledge set me free to accept myself for who I am and gave me permission to finally pursue my dreams. Now I am true to myself and living an authentic life that is joyful and profitable. Knowing my Human Design was the greatest gift I ever gave myself!”

Karen Curry

Bestselling Author, Teacher & Founder of Human Design for Everyone™ and the Quantum Alignment System™


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